This weekend I was lucky enough to have a ticket to watch Wales v South Africa.

We had great seats and saw a great win.  When it comes to seeing a win over a southern hemisphere team, they are not that frequent so it was a particularly enjoyable experience.

Today, when I think back to yesterday’s game, I realise that there is a lot of synergy between a winning sports team and a business delivering success.

Both begin by identifying the right people. The criteria used for selection will mean that the best people available are sourced. These people have to show the right skillsets for their role.

From here the necessary resources and training are provided to maximise capability. By adopting a coaching approach, it enables the team to develop the skills necessary to improve in their role.

Then comes match day……….

Teamwork is the key. Working towards the common goal, means everyone understands the purpose of the business. Contributing to the best of their ability drives team performance. Through organisation and structure, a ‘game-plan’ can be delivered. Following correct processes and procedures (the rules of the game!) leads to delivering outputs the right way.

But a successful team differentiates itself from others. It will take an innovative approach. It will have a passion to achieve and be the best it can be. This becomes the culture. It creates an environment where individuals are empowered to make a decision and influence how the business operates. (In yesterday’s match it was Justin Tipuric who was recognised for this……….you have to agree it was a great try!)

This approach delivers results that the customer notices. Listening to the crowd yesterday was evidence of this!

Finally comes the analysis and review….

A successful team will drive for continuous improvement. Reviewing and identifying what went well and what didn’t go so well. Making the necessary changes to improve; no matter how hard, needs to be done. This may vary from amending a process through to changing personnel. Improved performance is the objective. Honest conversations, no matter how uncomfortable, have to be had. Aspiring to be the best you can be, at all times has to be the expectation. A winning mentality!

Excuse the pun……..

So before this week KICKS OFF, no matter what you have to face, TRY your hardest and TACKLE whatever is thrown at you to the best of your ability. CONVERT others into your way of thinking and it will lead to success!!