Good Morning 2019 😊

Firstly, let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

The start of a New Year is my favorite time, it gives me the opportunity to draw a line under the previous year, reflect and then set out my goals for the year ahead.

Whether it is financial, personal or business goals…… I like to review what I achieved and identify the areas in which I can improve. I don’t want to stand still, I want to push myself to deliver more and become better.

When it comes to setting out my 2019 goals within the business environment, it is about adopting a continuous improvement approach. Looking at each element of the business, reviewing my own performance and identifying where and how I can improve to move it forward.

At work, the New Year is also the start of a new financial year for me. This means the profit and loss starts from $0 today and all KPIs are reset. Believe it or not, I find this exciting and I look at it as a challenge to demonstrate what I can achieve.

It is easy to steam into the New Year like ‘a bull in a china shop’….. therefore it is important to identify the key areas that you need to work on to drive the continuous improvement in your results. Breaking down each facet of your business and looking at how you can improve your efforts will lead to you formulating an effective plan to do this.

Huge changes are not necessarily the solution. As widely written about, it can be about the marginal gains. The small things which you can do, to improve your own results. It means being honest with yourself and recognizing how small changes can lead to improvement.

You need to be open to change and embrace constructive criticism. Listen to other peoples’ ideas and adopt new approaches. All of this will impact on how you improve your own performance and results….

It’s day 1 of the New Year, so let’s see what we can deliver……

Here’s to 2019!!