When others have accepted that a business should be excused and allowed to perform at a lower expectation, I am not going to lie…..it has frustrated me.

Their excuse ‘it is because of the environment that they operate in.’

Even worse, is when this has led to elements of a business being put on a pedestal and perceived as ‘notorious’.

But to me it is ‘Notoriety….for all the wrong reasons.’ They have created a culture which I do not like.

These people, these businesses have been allowed to deliver mediocrity at best. The approach makes no sense.  It is unfair on the employees as there can be no job satisfaction. There is definitely no value for money from a customer experience perspective. Brand standards are inconsistent – needless to say profits aren’t going to be where they could be!

A company has a vision, an aim and therefore an expectation it needs to deliver. If each facet of your business is not aligned and working towards this, then how can business growth and success be delivered?

I accept that certain external factors can impact negatively on a business, but these cannot be allowed to become an excuse to deliver a lesser expectation. It will only result in business stagnation and decline.

Knowing the environment you work in and being aware of how the negative factors restrict performance should be your starting point. Once these are identified then solutions can be created. It may mean adapting ways of working to deliver results but it means it does not compromise on expectation.

When confronted with negative factors which are preventing them from maximising their business, a good manager will step back and consider all the resources available to them. They will not just accept the constant issues as being the ‘norm’.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not dismissive of negative factors. I accept people react differently when faced with an issue.I am also aware that giving people time to identify how to overcome an issue is important.

“Results may not change overnight but over time they will.”

Through tackling each issue one by one, sets the wheels in motion. Positive changes begin to be seen. Before you know it the momentum builds and very quickly overall performance will improve. Success will follow.

How do I know ?….. because I have worked with businesses which were delivering mediocrity at best. I have thrived in taking on the challenge and working with the team to change the mindset and deliver success.