So I am lucky enough to be starting 2017 with a holiday!

I love being able to go away at the start of each year. It gives me the opportunity to recharge the batteries, reflect over the last 12 months and consider what I need to improve and focus on.

This year, I already recognise that I need to be tested more and taken out of my comfort zone.

The seeds for this were sewn in the last quarter of 2016. I began to up my online presence and utilise business communities; such as LinkedIn. But for those of you who have read my journals (not a blog!) you will be aware that I have created my own website.

Believe it or not the website was not about the unashamed promoting of myself. Instead it was created in collaboration with my wife, following a glass of red, a conversation and an ego which came up with…..

‘I want to be able to do what she can do’.

The site was designed to upskill and give me an insight into an online world which I use but do not understand…….and it has……

I now have a grounding in how to use ‘wordpress’ and I have been exposed to trade secrets! I know how to source a domain, use a hosting platform and upload my journal (again, it is not a blog!) Amazingly Google analytics show that people even visit my site!

Some of you may think this is basic but to me it has forced me to think differently and more importantly to learn.

Believe me learning about website creation has taken me out of my comfort zone. But it has given me the confidence to continue to learn in an unfamiliar environment. I have laid the foundations to further develop my skills in an ecommerce world.

So watch out 2017, I am only on day 1 and I have a plan to further improve myself.

There are exciting times ahead…….Happy New Year everyone!