With everything that’s going on, all our daily routines have changed……

Previously, myself and my team’s day involved significant travel, face to face interaction and a lot of walking!

Now we have had to adapt, understand that there is now no norm and importantly stay strong. Below are my 5 top tips of how my team and I are staying resilient………

1.      Health and Mindset

For a long time, I have been passionate about health and fitness. At times like this, it has been important to keep the team active. We run a weekly ‘steps’ challenge. We don’t set a physical target, instead it is a case of who can do the most steps in a working day. We then total them for the week. Healthy competition has consistently led to the team naturally pushing one another to do more.

Encouraging the team to become involved in online fitness has had mixed results. It is difficult to find an activity which motivates everyone. Trial and error have led to humorous stories and a lot of new aches and pains!

Health though is more than fitness. I know there have been days when I have felt down and depressed. Recognizing if any of my team are having a ‘down day’ is important to me. A subtle change in their demeanor can be the trigger. Reaching out and being a sounding board or checking in more regularly has hopefully reduced the likelihood of people having a down day. 

I find that staying confident and encouraging positive conversations with others, builds a team which has a positive approach to change.

2.      Maintaining Business Focus / Goals

When it comes to business, the team has instinctively, maintained a structure and routine. There has been an opportunity to review what was working across each district; identify what was not and to recognize where improvement will be required. We have reflected on personal performance and are focusing on the future. The team does not just want to be resilient; it wants to become stronger. We accept that there will be change due to circumstances and we want to be ready.

This mindset and enthusiasm has led to the team working on mini projects to maintain business continuity.

3.      Regular Interaction

Like all businesses, my team now holds daily meetings online. I have always taken pride in being a strong communicator but adapting to using video conferencing as a primary tool has been an education! Not necessarily understanding the functionality and capability of the platforms…. Instead it has been interesting to see how it has taken gentle encouragement to get everyone to embrace video conferencing.

My team meetings had always been ‘face to face’ but tended to be around a conference room table. Suddenly, when a video conference is scheduled, you become self-conscious! However, the moment everybody in the team started to use the video function; the dynamic of the team quickly reverted to a recognized format. As does the banter!! Our daily online catch ups are now looked forward to as our new form of connection.

4.      Trust & Engagement

I believe that the team’s continuous high level of engagement is helping build resilience. This stems from the sharing of the facts and by having honest conversations. Trusting the team to understand the situation without sugar coating the information available. The team is regularly updated with the latest information. Everyone recognizes that we are all in this together!

Importantly, there is still the supportive element within the business. This value is embedded in the culture, which means that there is someone there to help answer questions and support. This culture leads to the continued ‘passion’ shown by our people.

5.      Determination and Passion

What is evident, more so than anything else, is the team’s determination to support one another and the business through these difficult times. My team of District Managers have taken our working practices, ‘super charged’ them and embedded the framework into their districts.

In partnership with their General Managers, they have created a toolkit of best practices and ideas which ensures that everyone is connected, knows what’s going on and importantly can still have fun ……this can only be achieved with passion and a determination to succeed!

It is fantastic to see how the District Managers and their teams are maximizing the capability of communication platforms to encourage collaboration and to interact with all their people. The determination to get through this unprecedented time and to support one another is evident.

Coming from an Operations background, I am always blown away by the strength of me people. Kudos to them all!!

I hope you can resonate with the tips. Stay safe and healthy.