Starting a new job in a new Country has distracted me from writing for far too long. (Excuses!!!)

Time to get back to it and share my personal experiences….

Since arriving in the US, my focus has been on driving change into the business. This has meant I have had to go back to the beginning……Communicate a vision, gain buy in from the teams and create a culture which embraces change and is determined to achieve the new end goal…….and I am pleased to say we are well on our way!!

But what was the starting point?

In this instance, it has been about setting a new expectation across numerous elements of the business. Nothing has been fundamentally broken, it has instead been a case of realigning priorities to exploit opportunities. What might have been deemed acceptable previously is now not be the case.

1. Firstly, it has been about making sure that I know where the business is going and what success looks like. If I don’t know where we are going, then how can I get the teams to understand?

2. By listening to others, observing and understanding how the business currently operates, has meant that I have been able to establish the key elements of the operation which require revised expectations. Not everything has needed a new expectation. (By the way, this will give me the opportunity to talk about ‘different business culture’ in the future)

3. Explaining to the teams the reason why there is a need for new expectations and what success will now look like has been key. With the teams now having a clear understanding, it has led to buy in and encourages individuals to identify improved methods to deliver the new expectation. (This has also been the catalyst to the sharing of best practice.)

4. I have made sure that I have held one to one meetings with my direct reports. This has given the individual the opportunity to clarify any aspect of the new expectation and for me to check that there is no misunderstanding.

5. Recognizing the support needed to achieve expectation has been something I have been mindful of. I appreciate that when the measurement for success suddenly changes, it requires more direction and guidance. Identifying the right level of support to the teams and sharing knowledge has provided reassurance and security.

6. Finally, by reviewing progress within specified timelines, it has meant that my reports understand and are able to demonstrate and articulate how they are delivering the new expectation.

As you can see, the process is nothing complicated but I thought I would share because it works!