This year has flown by. It started with a ‘wow’ followed by a ‘how’…….but after a year of working very long days to develop her concept, I am delighted to share with you that Sarah Stone will be launching her new business in January 2017. ‘The Online Classroom.

Sarah has bought together her skills, knowledge and experience that she has gained over the last 20 years, mixed it with her personality to create an exciting online platform where ‘learning comes to life!’

This new platform will initially create a community for online learning. It will encourage all to learn, regardless of their age, skill set or circumstances. It takes a modern approach to self development and gives access to specialist tutors. Allowing everyone to achieve personal goals.

Commercially it will provide an online platform for businesses to host internal training and development modules. Furthermore it can be used for business to business networking.

The Online Classroom really does enable learning and development for all.

As The Online Classroom moves towards the final stages of its launch, Sarah has set up a crowdfunding funding page to encourage people to pledge funds and support her. If you are interested in exploring this please follow this link to see her Indiegogo Page.

Believe me, when I hear Sarah say ‘let’s get learning’,  it is far more than just a throw away comment. She has lived and breathed this ethos since day 1 of her working life. As a result, we now see this unique, online experience which truly reflects Sarah’s passion for learning.

So come on…..‘let’s get learning!’